What makes a Recount Count? Recount Recap 2016

Will we ever get a straight answer to the question: “When is a recount not really a recount?” Recount recap 2016…

In 2016, a sliver of hope ran through the population as the Jill Stein 2016 campaign pressed for 3 recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Despite the sky-high price tag of $6-7 million to file and conduct the recounts, and the short window of time to collect the funds and complete the filing process, 100’s of thousands of concerned and irate voters quickly dug deep into their pockets and raised the necessary funds. This allowed the Stein campaign to file for all three recounts before their respective deadlines.

It also gave millions of Americans the feeling that, for once, we were going to get the slightest bit of transparency reviewing yet another controversial election result. Instead, court decisions stopped the Michigan and Pennsylvania recounts, uncounted provisional votes remained uncounted, optical scan machines and DRE touchscreen machines were simply asked to spit out the same figures they had in the general election without any auditing, GOP-controlled secretaries of state and board of elections officeholders thumbed their noses at the process and the election results remained virtually unchanged.

Nary a word was spoken on mainstream or cable news about the Interstate Crosscheck program used in 30 states, the regressive voter ID bills and suppression tactics targeting Democratic voters of color,  the impossibly long voter lines and incidents such as the 70+ voting machines which broke down in Detroit on Election Day or the mysterious finding that around 70,000 voters in Michigan apparently did not register a vote for president.

Given Trump’s minuscule margin of victory, which totaled 107,000 votes in those three states combined, and given the well over 300,000 voters in these three states who were illegitimately kicked off the voter rolls and/or given provisional ballots which were then not counted, and including the thousands upon thousands of votes cast on unverifiable machines, it is not a stretch by any means to wonder aloud whether we have, yet again, been bamboozled by regressive GOP tactics and proprietary voting software, by big money, a silent Democratic establishment and a compliant non-investigative news media into having another stolen election on our hands.

When every part of the process seems slanted away from democracy, with absolutely no transparency along the way, and even the recount process is thoroughly flawed and offers no relief, it’s time to admit as a nation that our voting, counting and recounting processes are all broken.

Here on Stein’s Recount News page is a look back at a 2016 year-end press call (audio only) that the Stein campaign held on takeaways from the 2016 recount, as well as numerous links to articles detailing what occurred during the process. When will we learn? When will the Democratic politicians speak up for their base? When will rampant election fraud displace the hype surrounding almost nonexistent voter fraud? When will we have confidence in our election process and media from start to finish, and what is it that will add transparency and integrity to the reported results?