Urgency in Alabama

Urgency in Alabama!

Spread the word: Alabama Ex-felons, if you have done your time and paid your fine, register to vote by Nov. 27, and then vote on Dec 12th!

Alabama is the state that passed a law requiring a state photo ID for voting and then closed almost half of DMV offices in the state, those in 75% majority black counties.

The new story is that last May the state was required to clarify “moral turpitude” laws that made it possible for counties to prevent all former felons from voting. The new ruling clearly established which felonies were “crimes of moral turpitude”. By defining which crimes are in this category, voting rights can be restored for an estimated 90-140,000 former felons living in the state. The problem is that no effort at all has been made by the state to spread the word of this decision, so tens of thousands of qualified voters remain unregistered.

Here is the urgency! They have one week left during which to register and we need to get the word out that they need to be registered by Nov 27th.

-George Ripley, Focus on Democracy founder