Unite the Electoral Reform Movement

It is time to create a United Front, a unified national movement for comprehensive electoral reform which addresses the full spectrum of issues and is based upon prioritized best practices.

All of the institutions working for electoral reform, both major and minor, must join together in agreement upon the priorities which must be addressed and the best practices which must be demanded in omnibus legislation. We must fight together for our democracy until we have achieved legislative remedies for all the many problems with our elections.

Only if we unite and agree to sing off the same sheet of music, making the same demands, can we hope to achieve the promise of democracy. Until we show our transparent intent and our strength in numbers, we will never get the participation of those eligible voters, 50% of whom have given up and don’t even bother to vote anymore.

Labor, the environment, healthcare, education, racial injustice, economic disparity, etc. all have recognized and powerful movements known throughout the nation. (And all of them would benefit from a more vibrant democracy strengthened through comprehensive electoral reform.) But have you ever heard of a powerful Democracy movement? No, because we haven’t united across the spectrum of issues. Groups are still working separately.

We need to Unite the Electoral Reform movement if we ever hope to win change from the people who like things just the way they are.

-George Ripley, Focus on Democracy founder