Unverifiable Vote Tallies and Voter Purging: Deja Vu

An article by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman for Reader Supported News starts out by calling our attention to two looming factors that have influenced and altered the outcomes of every US election since 2000: the purging of millions of legitimate voters (usually disproportionally made up of democrats of color in swing states) from the voter rolls and the unverifiable vote-tallying procedures of our electronic voting and optical scanning machines.

Both problems are paramount; -no real progress can be made in electoral reform and restoring election integrity until these elephants in the room are acknowledged, discussed frankly and openly, and then remedied.

  Here’s the kickoff of the Fitrakis/Wasserman article:

here are two things we all need to know about the upcoming 2016 election:

  1. Millions of likely Democratic voters have already been stripped from the voter rolls in critical states like Ohio. The key reporting on this has been done by the great Greg Palast, who has shown that a computer program coordinated by the Republican secretary of state of Kansas is being used in some two dozen states to steal from a substantial percentage of the citizenry their right to vote. The raw numbers are high enough that they could have a significant impact on the presidential, US Senate, House and many other elections this fall. The ACLU has now sued Jon Husted, Ohio’s secretary of state, over the stripping of two million citizens from Ohio’s voter rolls.

  2. There is no way to verify the official tally on the electronic machines on which the majority of Americans will vote this fall. Nearly all the machines are a decade old, most are controlled by a single company (ES&S, owned by Warren Buffett) and the courts have ruled that the software is proprietary, making the vote counts beyond public scrutiny. In fact, they are beyond all independent monitoring altogether. In many key swing states (including Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Arizona) GOP governors and secretaries of state will have a free hand to flip the vote count to whatever they want it to be without detection or accountability. This could turn control of our government over to the GOP come November, as it did in 2000 and 2004.

You can check out the full article “Why Can’t The Nation & the Left Deal With Election Theft?” on RSN.

Please note that this article was from April 2016. And sure enough, six months later the election was decided by Interstate Crosscheck purging up to ten times the number of voters from the rolls as the margin of Trump’s ‘victory” in certain states. Also note that during the recount process, optical scan machines and touchscreen machines were only required to re-spit out their initial tallies and not subject to audits.

Until these two travesties of voter purging and unverifiable vote tallies rise to a level of national acknowledgement and discourse, from politicians and the citizenry to the media and talking heads, our election results will continue to be skewed away from democracy and the sum total of legitimate votes by legitimate voters, and will instead reflect the intended outcomes of election fraud.