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Focus On Democracy is dedicated to highlighting issues related to electoral reform and justice. Our democracy itself, as well as numerous issues needing our attention, from economic and environmental concerns to racial and social justice, etc., cannot make any real lasting progress until we first come together as a nation and address our broken electoral system.

Focus On Democracy’s George Ripley would like to see all issue-focussed organizations and movements band together as a whole to have a national conversation on electoral issues and then begin to solve them at both the state and national levels. Omnibus legislation, voter education, media coverage and civic engagement will all be part of the conversation.

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All Hands On Deck  –  Create a United Front to Move the Election Reform Agenda

Summer 2017: If anything about America approaches the sacred, it is our belief in Democracy. Americans consider it our most precious heritage. We go to war to promote it worldwide. We claim to be the standard bearer of the world in terms of Democracy but in fact, these days, we are nowhere near reaching that title.  It is time we did, and with sense of urgency.

This is an idea to create the power and attention to our cause that can push at least some of the important legislation needed into being before the 2020 elections.

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